Can Travcour assist with the visa requirements for non New Zealand passport holders?

Yes, the visa requirements on our website cover all nationalities (unless stated otherwise). So it doesn’t matter what colour the passport is!

Can Travcour assist with the issuing of an e-Visa?

Yes. On request, we can send you a list of the questions that appear on an e-Visa application and specifications of other documents required (eg photos) and we take care of the often tricky task from there.

What do I need to do if I establish my client has criminal convictions?

Australia, Canada, Fiji, United Kingdom and United States have fairly clear procedures to follow in this instance. You can establish the steps to take by visiting the link “Travellers with Convictions” within these countries’s pages within our Visa Guide. For all other countries we suggest your client talks directly with the relevant Embassy of the country they wish to visit.

How is the Consulate fee paid?

The easiest way is for Travcour to arrange the Consulate fee payment, in the currency and format the Embassy likes and invoice it back When payment is required by bank cheque & international money order a $20 fee applies (including any bank fees).

What is a New Zealand Travel Document (NZTD)?

A blue document that looks like a passport but is issued to those who are not eligible for a passport. e.g. someone who has been granted refugee status. Travel Documents normally contains a Resident Permit. The holder can use the Travel Document to travel overseas (like you would a passport), provided the countries they intend to transit or visit recognise it. You cannot use the TIMATIC database or the Travcour website to establish the visa requirements of a Travel Document holder but we can assist with this. Holders of Travel Documents need a Returning Resident visa to re-enter New Zealand.

What is a New Zealand Certificate of Identity (NZCI)?

There are two types of Certificate of Identities.

A laminated card about the size of a passport issued by the New Zealand Immigration Service, issued to those who arrive in New Zealand without a travel document or on false documents. Only good for ID purposes until bearer is granted refugee status or is deported. It cannot be used for international travel. The person is considered stateless.

A yellow document issued by the Department of Internal Affairs, issued to those who are not able to apply for any other passport (i.e. Iraqis or Zimbabwean nationals). Normally issued to facilitate travel such as deportation or travel to the nearest Embassy to apply for a passport. Also given to persons who have been granted permission to come to New Zealand to join family already here under the refugee quota. A re-entry visa is needed to re-enter New Zealand.