Processing Guide

How to Process a Visa from an Embassy with Travcour

  • Compile the documentation required by the Embassy as listed on our website and enclose in a Travcour Visa Processing Envelope. If you do not have a Visa Processing Envelope contact us to have a small supply sent to you or forward to us via another means e.g. trackable
    courier pack.
  • Complete, date & sign a Visa Processing Slip, which can be found inside a Travcour Visa Processing Envelope. Retain the yellow copy of the Visa Processing Slip for your records.
    Please note our Terms & Conditions on the reverse of the Processing Slip.
  • Forward the Processing Envelope to Travcour by DX Mail or enclose it inside a courier pack of your choice. (Our envelopes are addressed, prepaid and bar-coded).
  • Payment: The visa fee and Travcour’s processing fee can be found on the relevant country page on our website. Payment can be enclosed or invoiced back to your account. Do not enclose cash. Processing will commence with or without payment, but full payment of your
    invoice is required by the 20th of the following month.
  • Upon receiving the Travcour Processing Envelope, you will be sent a Visa Billing Advice slip. This acts as an acknowledgement of having received the visa application and it will also inform you of the nett costing of the job. Note: urgent processing may attract additional
    charges at any time during the processing period.
  • Upon completion of the job, Travcour will return the passport to you in a DX Priority Pack or overnight courier. This cost is included in our processing fees. We will enclose another Visa
    Processing Envelope & Processing Slip ready for your next visa you need to obtain.