Visa Processing Service via Embassy

Travcour’s visa processing service when a visa is issued by an Embassy involves:

  • Thorough checking of the documentation supplied to ensure the correct procedures of the Embassy has been adhered to.
  • Providing feedback on matters needing attention before lodgement or providing advice on how to make application stronger.
  • Arranging payment to Embassy in the currency and method required.
  • Lodgement of visa with the Embassy either in person or via one of our trusted partners if Embassy is not located locally.
  • Monitoring the process of application at Embassy.
  • Upgrading application to our “Priority list” if visa still active at Embassy within 10 working days of departure for overseas based Embassies or 5 working days for New Zealand based Embassies for closer attention.
  • Personal collection of passport/visa from Embassy when completed or in the case of distant Embassies arranging uplift via one of our trusted partners.
  • Thorough checking of the visa upon its return to ensure it has been issued in accordance applicant’s requests.
  • Dispatching of passport by overnight DX Mail or courier delivery or if preferred securely held awaiting collection from our office.